World Water Day 2020
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Monroe Environmental’s Commitment to Water Conservation

Dated March 18, 2020

Monroe, MIWorld Water Day is observed annually on March 22 to raise awareness about the vital importance of water to safeguarding human security and maintaining the health of the planet’s ecosystems.  It is an event designed to raise awareness about how we can each do our part to better manage our water resources – as consumers, but also as businesses! When businesses invest in water and wastewater treatment, they invest in a cleaner environment, stronger ecosystems, and improved health.

Monroe Environmental is committed to producing high quality pollution control equipment and to the protection of the environment. Monroe designs and builds a broad range of water and wastewater systems for eliminating and minimizing a wide spectrum of pollutants from virtually all types of water and wastewater sources and applications.

Learn more about Monroe equipment for water and wastewater treatment.